© Bhavika Bhatia 



This was the second of a series of 3 that I was required to create for an Editorial class. This issue was supposed to be based on an image. The image I chose is that of a painting of a person with their face covered by a smear of paint, which reminded me of censorship and the act of hiding what already exists. I drew out a brainstorm revolving around this idea and generated webs of sub-themes that I could use in my issue. Censorship brings to mind privacy, and closed doors. Separation and borders. It is the opposite of exposure, which reminds me of flesh and intimacy. Emotional censorship- the guarding of feelings. Censorship suggests hidden things that become visible when looked at close-up, in the details. I could look at these unnoticed things. Detail reminds me of embroidery and clothing- ornaments that hide/disguise the true simplicity and plainness of a cloth. Censorship is commonly used to disguise opinions that may be seen as offensive and bold. The general concept of censorship is to hide and disguise the reality of what exists and I want to use this image to evoke these themes and hidden meanings within day-to-day and even bigger-picture things. Using strict design principles, I created this editorial publication entitled, 'Tresspass'.