© Bhavika Bhatia 

The Art of the Selfie


This was the final issue of a series of 3. The Art of the Selfie is based on a subject matter that I can heavily relate to because of my own involvement in what is infamously now known as 'selfie culture'. After detailed brainstorming, I discovered a variety of subjects, metaphors, and concepts that could be drawn upon regarding the simple meaning of 'selfie'. This includes the general themes of the exploration of persona; vanity; perception; documentation, and the male gaze. Selfies evoke conformist behaviour, desirability, control over presentation, and act as a second face. They also evoke the subjects of narcissism, over-sexualization, porn culture, self-esteem, illusions, and self-expression. The design disciplines in this publication follow a smartphone-esque layout that requires the reader to 'scroll' through for articles that are informative, while interviews and more personally-engaging articles are loud and expressive in terms of colour palette and typography. All in all, the editorial layout resonates with the selfie culture of today that we experience through our smartphones on the daily.