© Bhavika Bhatia 

Find Your Greatness


This was a project created for an Advanced Typography class in which we were to remix existing realities and merge them into one. Using an existing book, t-shirt, and video, we were to merge each of the three into another in order to create a new version of each and developing new meanings to them via typographic decisions. This instruction manual was the result of the video I chose- Nike's 'Find Your Greatness,' which I decided to transform into a book. Because of Nike's brand image as a motivational personal trainer, almost, I felt an instruction manual would be the most appropriate form of a book because it is personal, talks to the viewer, and encourages them to fulfil tasks. Hence, I created this manual based on the content of the video- how to achieve greatness through secondhand content providing instructions on confidence, motivation, and so on. Typographic hierarchies were a main factor here in terms of lists, orders, and psychological processing of content.